Epilepsy and Auras

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It is fairly clear that the term aura as it is typically used is completely bogus and without meaning. However, those who suffer from migraines or epilepsy may experience a period of altered perception, also called an aura, immediately before the onset of a headache or a seizure.

This state is thought to be caused by a tiny seizure affecting only a small portion of the brain. As the electrical disturbance spreads out to affect the rest of the brain more and more senses and brain systems can be thrown out of whack. Ultimately the disturbance is either brought under control or a tonic-clonic seizure acts as a reset button and reboots the brain.

I am very interested in ways the brain can malfunction and the strange mental states that can result. Ever since reading this thread (also archived here) I have secretly wanted to have a seizure just to experience the aura.

However, this brings up very strange epistemological questions. Since a major seizure almost always results in short term memory loss I would very likely have no memory of experiencing the aura. For some strange reason I still think it would be a good experience to have, but I cannot for the life of me form a coherent justification for that belief.

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